Why Does Inefficient Collection Impacts on Recycling End Solutions

Today it seems that every nearly every industry is seeing revolutionary innovation that promises to change the way we do things. From self-driving cars to 3D printed organs, technology is redefining how we complete everyday tasks. However, waste collection is one area of society that has seen little innovation in the last few decades. The […]

5 Reasons why Smart Waste Management is the Future of IoT

With an inexorable growth of global population and consumption needs, the world of waste disposal is an immediate, growing concern. That is why, in recent decades, an increased incentive in better infrastructure for waste disposal sites, as well as better waste management in pickup and disposal, is leading better technology like IoT systems in waste […]

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How does GreenQ uses IBM’s OpenWhisk

Even though smart city technologies address various verticals and use different platforms to gather, analyze and transfer data, they all have one thing in common — heavy duty data volume. A dynamic habitat such as a modern city generates a substantial amount of data on a daily basis. GreenQ is a company engaging in smart […]

Waste Management Academy

Smart cities are becoming more relevant and applicable as the years go by, many universities and colleges around the world are addressing the topic via classes, conferences, and academic meet-ups. Even though those educational institutions possess the knowledge and distinguished professors, many of them realize the importance of integration with the business sector and involving […]

New installations with old partners


GreenQ will apply smart waste management in a new smart city project led by Cellcom. The Israeli telecom enterprise has set its foot in the smart cities communication infrastructure door and chose GreenQ to operate the garbage collection vertical.


Losing control (and liking it)


There are various ways of making your living environment cleaner and more efficient using technology, but most, if not all of them, require paying for something, installing something and usually changing your behavior. But there is something you cannot control – when does your waste gets picked up by the municipality.