Protect your waste pickup teams during COVID-19 outbreak

During these challenging days, keeping your waste pickup staff safe is essential. While it is vital to maintain waste pickup services, having  an awareness of potential threats and taking measures accordingly are now required to guarantee continuous service and protect the health of staff.

GreenQ provides a new module for handling COVID-19 threats for waste pickup trucks

GreenQ provides monitoring systems for the waste pickup industry. During the past few weeks, a new module, SafeGuard-GQ, was developed to allow cities and contractors to greatly improve the safety of their staff.

The SafeGuard-GQ module provides the following features:

  • Monitor the waste pickup truck in real time, and cross check the route information with known COVID-19 affected locations on the city/street level
  • Alert the team before arriving at potentially infected locations, allowing the team members to prepare accordingly by performing the approved protocol for safety
  • Provide back office reporting dashboard on pickup locations and routes on truck level, along with maintaining and enforcing the safety measures as defined on the protocol