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Has it been a year already?

GreenQ bday

GreenQ is celebrating its first birthday, a good chance to review where we started and where are we today.

The Vision and the garbage:  Internet of Garbage

Many of you readers know this feeling. Out of the blue, you experience a creative moment; a light bulb appears over your head with a clear vision of a solution to a well-known problem, one that has yet to be solved. You’re thinking, ‘hey, this could be a START-UP!’

GreenQ’s story kind of fits that classic format. Four friends were meeting in a crossroad, understanding that we could all be living in better, smarter place. 

It wasn’t until May 2015 that the founders realized that the waste collection process is a massive, underserved process that turns billions of dollars to air pollution.

פייסבוק יומולדת

Smart waste collection  

A major part of the municipality budget is allocated for waste pickup and disposal. For instance, the annual expenditure of waste pickup and disposal in the US amounts to 200$B, more than 60$B of it is used for collection, the whole process is un-monitored.  As of today, the Waste Collection provider has zero visibility on real time process cycle or the ability to analyze and optimize this primary resource consuming procedure. These issues can be solved, once you have a comprehensive data flow of the process. We call that flow-IoG. Internet of Garbage.

Serving new customers

Serving new customers.


What have we achieved?

A year after that insightful meeting in Jerusalem GreenQ prides herself with:

–  A Working product – smart waste collection system

–  Serving first customers – deploying on the first year

–  Partners in IBM Smarter cities

–  Partners in Deutsche Telekom Narrow band IoT

–  Graduating Two accelerators: HAC and ECOMOTION,

–  Participation in an international startup exchange program in Leipzig with SpinLab accelerator

–  Partaking in IFAT 2016 in Munich, Berlin Metropolitan solutions,–  Official representative of the state of Israel          at INNOCITY 2.0 in Nice France

–  Partaking Prime Minister Netanyahu’s official delegation to Kenya & Ethiopia

–  Exhibiting in significant expos like bynet expo and Ecomotion Demo day 

The main reason for GreenQ’s quick success is the uniqueness of the big data layers provided by the system, a first of its kind data that empowers waste management and garbage truck fleet managers. A simple solution to a complexed problem.

Kenya-Israel realations

GreenQ was a part of the official biz delegation to Africa


The Future

The future looks bright, while smart cities are becoming more and more realistic and optimization is a leading factor in any business approach, our smart waste collection technology is more relevant than ever, especially for smart city waste management.

At the moment we are expanding our team, perfecting our algorithmic and seeking for the best partnerships to enlarge our activity overseas

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