Waste Management Academy

Smart cities are becoming more relevant and applicable as the years go by, many universities and colleges around the world are addressing the topic via classes, conferences, and academic meet-ups.
Even though those educational institutions possess the knowledge and distinguished professors, many of them realize the importance of integration with the business sector and involving leading entrepreneurs in their daily activities.


GreenQ is considered to be a leader in the Israeli smart cities eco-system, with its smart waste management vision and technology. While we install more systems on garbage trucks, the academy is showing more interest in hearing what we have to say.

During the last months, we became an academy rockstars! Almost every week, our CEO and Strategic account manager are presenting our Internet of Garbage vision to eager students in academic institutions in Israel:
So far we have pitched at the following establishments:

– IDC Herzliya
– Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
– Bar Ilan University
– Sami Shamoon College of Engineering
– Tel Aviv University
– Tech high-school near Jerusalem



We are thrilled about this relationship and will work hard to maintain and enlarge it.

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