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New installations with old partners

GreenQ will apply smart waste management in a new smart city project led by Cellcom. The Israeli telecom enterprise has set its foot in the smart cities communication infrastructure door and chose GreenQ to operate the garbage collection vertical.


Losing control (and liking it)

There are various ways of making your living environment cleaner and more efficient using technology, but most, if not all of them, require paying for something, installing something and usually changing your behavior. But there is something you cannot control – when does your waste gets picked up by the municipality.

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Partner’s Talk – IBM

Partner’s talk, the place where GreenQ’s friends and colleagues discuss technology, vision, and progress. This month we had an interesting chat with Michal Levitan Giat, from IBM’s Business Development in Israel. we challenged her with the most buzzed question lately – What makes a city a smart one? Her answer was insightful.   

GreenQ to preform smart waste collection on Bezeq’s smart city project

Bezeq smart city- GreenQ is the smart garbage collection vertical in Bezeq’s  smart city pilot program in the municipality of Modiin, a growing city of about 100,000 people midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecoms group, Is aligning with other big telecom enterprises like ata&t, Deutsche Telekom, and T-mobile by engaging smart cities […]

IoG- Internet of Garbage

Smart garbage trucks- the Internet of Garbage It was a sunny winter’s day in early 2015. GreenQ’s founders suddenly realized there were billions of dollars being thrown into the garbage and dissolving into CO2 due to an unmonitored and inefficient residential waste collection process. As a result, they founded a startup with the goal of […]

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Partner’s Talk- Deutsche Telekom

IoT, smart city, and optimization are terms that are enjoying lots of popularity recently.  While entrepreneurs alongside large-scale enterprises focus some of their affords on the future city technologies, it seems that some tend to undermine the importance of more immediate efficient solutions that answers the needs of a big city with old infrastructure.

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Has it been a year already?

GreenQ is celebrating its first birthday, a good chance to review where we started and where are we today. The Vision and the garbage:  Internet of Garbage Many of you readers know this feeling. Out of the blue, you experience a creative moment; a light bulb appears over your head with a clear vision of […]